Declaration of Peace


For Toms Shoes and Partners Global

Problem: How do we unite the world and make it a more peaceful place? 

Solution: The Declaration of Peace is a website that will hold over 7 billion signatures from people around the world to declare their commitment and dedication to peace.

* One Show Client Pitch Finalist *

Karen Wong, Gina Abbatiello, and Priscilla McGann

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The Declaration of Peace website to be able to hold over 7 billions of signatures. The website hosts the Declaration of Peace and showcases the amount of signatures that have signed the Declaration. Users can search the website to see if any of their family, friends or famous figures have signed.

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Internationally accessible for anyone who has a mobile smart phone. 

Interactive Billboard

In every major city around the world massive 50 stories interactive scroll billboards will be placed in the heart of each city. People can read the Declaration of Peace at the bottom of the billboard and also sign. As the signatures fill up the billboard will scroll up and when they eventually reach the top, they will be scanned directly into the website. 

Interactive billboard

in case participants aren't around metropolis areas digital billboards will be placed in local areas such as bus stops, malls and airports. When people purchase TOMs they also have the opportunity to sign for the Declaration for Peace at check out. 

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